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  • 61st AS visits Norway, Sweden

    Members of the U.S. Air Force 61st Airlift Squadron visited Norway and Sweden from May 7 to May 18, 2024. The visit served to strengthen ties between the nations’ air forces and to welcome Sweden to NATO.

  • Team McChord tackles Swift Response 2024

    This May, across various countries in Europe, members from Team McChord participate in Exercise Swift Response 24 and set the global example for readiness in modern warfare. As we close the curtain on this multifaceted training exercise military forces from various nations converge to hone their

  • Fairchild arranges an Asian American and Pacific Islander orientation flight

    Airmen assigned to the 92nd Air Refueling Wing, and military spouses pose for a photo after an Asian American and Pacific Islander orientation flight at Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington, May 16, 2024. Airmen across Fairchild AFB arranged the incentive flight to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month and

  • Exercise Storm Flag 24-07 strengthens joint integration

    Exercise Storm Flag 24-07, which primarily took place at Alexandria International Airport, Louisiana, focused on enhancing deployment integration capabilities and practicing combat logistics. Participants also utilized Geronimo Landing Zone during the training, which is a semi-prepared runway

  • 2024 First State Airshow

    Members of the United States Army Parachute Team, The Golden Knights fly in formation alongside of Rob Holland, aerial demostration pilot, in his MXS-RH during 2024 First State Airshow at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, May 17, 2024. The Golden Knights were one of 18 performers at the First State

  • To the C-130, With Love

    Don’t be faint of heart or insecure in reading this. If you are either, please turn back now. This is a love letter to my tribe. The Herk Tribe. It comes at no expense to other tribes. I truly love, admire, and respect them all.