18th Air Force Organization

Eighteenth Air Force, commanded by a three-star general and headquartered at Scott AFB, Ill., is charged with carrying out Air Mobility Command's operational air mobility mission through 12 air mobility, air refueling, and airlift wings, one standalone group, and the 618th Air Operations Center. The AOC, also located at Scott AFB, reports directly to 18th Air Force and serves as the organization's air operations hub, planning and directing tanker and transport aircraft operations around the world.


As Air Mobility Command's sole warfighting numbered air force, 18th Air Force is responsible for the command's worldwide operational mission. With 39,000 active duty Airmen and approximately 1,200 Total Force airlift/air refueling aircraft, 18th Air Force is a streamlined organization that focuses the command's warfighting capability through the 618th Air Operations Center, 12 wings, and one group.

Air Mobility Command

This base/wing is an installation of Air Mobility Command (AMC), a major command of the U.S. Air Force.

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