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Default Air Force Logo The Strength of Our Nation
Fellow Mobility Leaders and Teammates,Our Nation was founded on a belief in equality and justice for all. Our history is replete with examples of women that have challenged injustice, and worked to ensure America's commitment to the rights, security, and dignity of all its citizens. Many of them have worn the cloth of their country, and in so
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Lt. Gen. Robert R. Allardice, vice commander of Air Mobility Command 18th Air Force's road to success
I took command of the 18th Air Force from Maj. Gen. Scott in August 2009. The first thing we were told by Gen McNabb, the then commander of the United States Transportation Command, was to make it a three-star, war-fighting headquarters, and we did that.And the thing I am most proud of was to see the transformation of 18th Air Force from what was
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Default Air Force Logo Q&A with former 18th Air Force Commander
Editor's note: From November 2005 until June 2008, Maj. Gen. James A. Hawkins served as the third commander after the 18th Air Force's reactivation on Oct. 1, 2003. His thoughts represent the second in a series of perspectives from former 18th Air Force commanders.What do you feel were the proudest achievements under your command?In 2007, at the
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Lt. Gen. Darren McDew, commander of 18th Air Force, poses with Airman 1st Class Christopher Sims, left, the youngest Airman in attendance, and Airman 1st Class David Brannum, Team Dover honor guard member, after cutting the birthday cake at the Air Force Ball Sep. 7, 2012, at Dover Downs in Dover, Del. The cutting of the cake was part of the celebration commemorating the Air Force’s 65th birthday. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Chuck Walker) Remembrance, thanks and commitment
To the Airmen of our great global air mobility enterprise: thank you!Today, as every day, I am proud to be an American Airman. I have lived all but 13 years of our Air Force's history and as the son of a Master Sergeant, I developed a love for our Air Force early in my life. It is a love that has never faltered.A short 65 years have passed since
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Default Air Force Logo A day of service
In 2009, Congress designated September 11th as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. On this day, I think it is fitting that we remember and honor the innocent lives taken during that vicious attack by renewing our commitment of service to our Nation. As the son of an Air Force NCO, I grew up among people who were proud to serve their country
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Default Air Force Logo A letter to 18th Air Force Airmen
To the Airmen of our great global mobility enterprise: thank you!Last week I had the honor of becoming your 18th Air Force Commander. I can honestly say there are few experiences more rewarding and humbling than command, and even more so when it is command of our Air Force's largest Numbered Air Force. Although my recent assignments were outside of
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Default Air Force Logo Trust: The foundation of who we are
Standing for hundreds of years as a symbol of strength and resolve, the Great Wall of China extends for a formidable 3,948 miles as the world's longest man-made structure. That's pretty impressive, but what does the Great Wall of China have to do with trust and the United States Air Force?It all comes down to the foundation. In the 5th century BC,
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