The Dream Today … What Would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Say?

  • Published
  • By Maj. Darris Johnson
  • 19th Communications Squadron

If he were here with us today,
Words like these he might say
I fell asleep in 1968 … to be awaken today,
To see prophesies fulfilled ... in a dream I had late yesterday

I ended my dream … pleading for freedom to ring
Hoping, “free at last” … America’s people would sing
In honor of equality … shared amongst the American team
Where character, versus skin color ... reigns most supreme

Well today, when I look ... I can honestly say
There's a generation with us … that doesn’t know the old way
Thanks to the efforts … by civil right protégés
Voting and segregation … have seen judgment days

There was urgency then … that is just as great now
So let’s not take a bow … but look for ways to endow
Where there’s a will, there’s a way … to make it better somehow
Remember righteousness has to be … at the core of what we allow

New times … need newer minds,
To address the issues … we now face and find
Never losing sight, or going blind … to those liberties outlined
In the Constitution, and Declarations … our forefathers signed

Freedom and equality … should be at the heart of our psychology
Where a brotherhood exists … all throughout society
And unalienable rights ... are mine undeniably
And justice and democracy … is for this nation, entirely

In many ways we’ve won ... but there’s still work to be done
Because reaching and keeping equality … requires everyone
I challenge the old and the young … to run the race I begun
So that America is 'FREE AT LAST' ... and forever second to none!