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Tag: Community Partnership
  • First-ever LEO attends MacDill Airman Leadership School

    Looking at Airman Leadership School’s Class 20A at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, one would see many bright-eyed faces. Uniforms are crisp and serviceable. Personal appearance is sharp and presentable. They’re displaying themselves as the new front-line supervisors they are soon to become, once they’ve broken into the NCO tier. But one man in attendance stands out from the rest. He has a uniform complete with a nametape and chevrons on his sleeve, but the left side of his chest reads: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Spokane-area school district superintendents experience Rapid Global Mobility

    Team Fairchild hosted Spokane-area school district superintendents to experience and learn about the 92nd Air Refueling Wing mission first-hand July 18.