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  • Team Travis performs final KC-10 A-check

    From June 24-28, in a historic moment, the 60th Maintenance Squadron and the 660th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron completed a final A-check inspection on a KC-10 Extender marking the end of an era for the KC-10, which has been a cornerstone of air mobility and aerial refueling excellence.

  • Advanced training prepares boom operators for future

    Within the past year, KC-10 Extender boom operators have been receiving cutting-edge three-dimensional simulator training and life-size cargo load training that are benefitting career field around the world. The training is a welcomed site since KC-10s, aircrews and maintainers have continuously

  • Tankers fuel the fight

    In the fight against Da'esh and the Iraqi counteroffensive to liberate Mosul, no nation works alone. In the skies, a Coalition of pilots from 19 nations work tirelessly to dismantle, disrupt and ultimately destroy Da'esh by striking infrastructure, roadways and other high-value targets