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571st MSAS, Dominican Republic team for first time

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- The 571st Mobility Support Advisory Squadron has completed training with the Dominican Republic Air Force for their first time at  San Isidro Air Base, Dominican Republic, from July 13 to 31.

Ten air advisors conducted training on how to protect its assets and resources including, personnel, aircraft and facilities to approximately 60 Dominican Republic service members. The training consisted of land and water survival, air traffic control, base security, as well as crash and fire rescue.

The MSAS mobile training team also trained on security forces tactics such as, close quarters training, team movements and communication, proper searching and handcuffing procedures and de-escalation procedures.

“Our time in Santo Domingo was a huge success,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Bryan Trinkle 571st MSAS mission commander. “Our specially trained Air Advisors were able to work with and train our Dominican counterparts. We enhanced their level of operational safety and efficiency as well as strengthening our global network of allies and partners, while advancing the U.S. government’s international and regional security goals.”

Throughout the training Dominican Republic service members accomplished classroom instruction, hands-on activities and a final capstone event that demonstrated all that they learned.

“This is the best training I have ever received,”said Dominican Republic air force 1st Lt. Peña Jiménez, a Super Tucano Pilot. “Not just because of the survival training we received, but also the humanity and friendship the advisors brought in between the formal training.”

The team also wanted to ensure they reinforced goals and objectives of the recent subject matter expert exchange the U.S. Army NCOs held to empower the Dominican Republic NCO tier.

Three years ago the Dominican government invoked the Organic Law of 2013, which established an NCO corps in each component of the Dominican Armed Forces. 

“We wanted to hit and reinforce the same ideals as our U.S. Army counterparts, a strong NCO corps,” Trinkle said. “One hundred percent of our instructors and 75 percent of our interpreters for this event were NCOs, and that was definitely noticed by the Dominican Republic Air Force leadership when they saw how well our NCOs knew their job, and how they conducted themselves during the out brief.”

The 571st MSAS is charged with strengthening partner nation’s capabilities and the squadron trains, advises and assists partner nations in developing air mobility capabilities and the overall aviation enterprise. The unit is made up of Spanish speaking Airmen and is aligned with the U.S. Southern Command Area of Responsibility.