Top Air Force leaders visit JB Charleston, highlight urgency of reoptimization in “time of consequence”

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Taylor Ferry, 628th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. – Joint Base Charleston welcomed Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Allvin, his wife Mrs. Gina Allvin, and Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force David Flosi April 26.

Gen. Allvin and Flosi hosted an all call with Airmen, emphasizing the urgent need for reoptimization of forces to effectively confront great power competition, while Mrs. Allvin hosted a luncheon for the spouses of squadron, group, and wing commanders, focused on support for families within the base community.

During the all call, Gen. Allvin and Flosi connected the sweeping changes recently announced by the Department of the Air Force to his April 15 “Follow Through” letter to Airmen.

He highlighted how these initiatives are crucial to continued air operations and aligned with his commitment to transform the Air Force in response to emerging global threats.

"We’re not moving fast enough,” Gen. Allvin said. “Right now, we do not have the things we need. We want to stick to where the punch is going to be, not where it is."

Allvin discussed the four focus areas of re-optimization: developing people, generating readiness, projecting power, and developing capabilities. He highlighted initiatives like consolidating force development functions, expanding technical tracks for officers and enlisted Airmen, and integrating no-notice operational readiness assessments.

Throughout the all call, Gen. Allvin stressed the need for a unified approach to modernization and readiness.

"It’s not optional,” he said. “We’re in a time of consequence, where the actions we’re taking now are going to ripple into the future. That’s what re-optimization is all about.”

Flosi underscored the significance of mission command, advocating for leaders who can skillfully and effectively execute the mission independently.

“We need leaders who are highly qualified and operationally competent,” Flosi said. “We need leaders who clearly understand the commander’s intent and can execute their assigned mission with very little detail and information.”

Throughout the all call, Gen. Allvin and Flosi stressed the need for a unified approach to modernization and readiness. They ended their presentation with a note of gratitude for JB Charleston’s daily execution of the mission.

“I want to say thank you,” Gen. Allvin said. “When you see all the things that are happening in the world, I see how fast the mobility community picks up and goes, and makes it happen."

"While we are talking about the future, I don’t want you to think that’s at the expense of underappreciating what you do,” Gen. Allvin said. “We look to your team to be able to answer the call. You do it in an amazing way and continue to perform in an excellent manner, and I can’t thank you enough for that.”