Warrior culture: Keeping the edge

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Brandon Hanner
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Culture has manifested itself through collective visions, garnering achievement and value among communities throughout history. The U.S. Air Force is no exception.

During an address to the 6th Air Mobility Wing, 18th Air Force command chief, Chief Master Sgt. Chris Simpson, discussed Warrior culture and what it means to the Air Force, Air Mobility Command more specifically.

“Warrior culture is the mindset that Airmen develop when they constantly seek to achieve decisive victory, practice professionalism, and value all members of their team,” said Simpson.

The development and preservation of Warrior culture drives innovation across AMC, leading to astounding achievements in modernization, rapid and resilient response, and power projection across the globe.

“That attitude permeates every formation of the 6th AMW. Whether you are a defender or shore patrol, a maintainer on the flight line putting KC-135s in the air, or a cyber-warrior defending the net, you embody warrior culture,” said Simpson, praising 6th AMW Airmen for their tireless dedication, while highlighting the value every person brings to the mission.

With sustaining the advantage over our adversaries at the forefront of MacDill’s focus, Warrior culture plays a significant role in adapting to the endlessly evolving environment in which we operate.

“Warriors always seek an edge. We are constantly looking for ways to be more lethal, lean, and agile,” said Simpson. “That keeps us a step ahead of our adversaries and always moving toward decisive victory.”